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Rick & Diana have created these fun and eductional tools of some of their favorite things to do.
The following are available at both Create Space and Amazon.com. Also available at Amazon
are a selection of Instant Videos for both rental and purchase for mobile pads and phones.


Cooking & Mentoring Tools from The Black Sheep Cooking Club

Our DVD Video & Cookbook Combination
Your own private class of an entire restaurant menu has been video taped and put on DVD, and with the book you get the pictures, the written recipe and the chef's personal notes!

How to Party Like A Black Sheep!
The world's greatest party dishes prepared right before yout eyes. Now you can do it!
Join a Chef on Vacation!
See how he shops, organizes and cooks when on vacation. (With time to enjoy the vacation!)


Learn to Wine!

Richard "Rick" Boufford was a very successful Sommelier (wine steward) at Alfredo's in the South Coast Plaza Hotel, and loves sharing the wonders of wine. This is his simple step by step on how to taste wine the way professionals really do it. Click the picture to take a look at the sample. It's also available Amazon.com (see link below). The older version of this book was recommended reading at one of the wine courses at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.



Just Good Fun - Crafts for kids of all ages!

Rick & Diana's Craft DVD
"Fun with Sea Glass"


The Raven Diaries - For nature and animal lovers!

Stories for "kids" of all ages who enjoy animals that play and love people!

Rick & Diana's Nature Books & DVDs


I'll put my ravens up against anything in the animal kingdom!
Once you get to know the raven, there are few animals on the planet that can compare in both craftiness and intelligence.
And with the exception of some dolphins, seals, otters and monkeys, none play, tease and have as much fun as the raven.
If you enjoy real stories about animals, check out our fun selections below. My favorite, Bob, Huey & Me is available in
both book and a DVD movie where the entire cast is made up of wild ravens!

Our nature movies and documentaries

You'll find the Movie "Bob, Huey & Me" on DVD here!

The true story of a baby raven Rick & Diana raised to be wild. He took over the neighborhood, letting the dogs out, teasing the crows and more.

In “Backyard Beginnings” Rick uses his unique relationship with ravens and a love of nature to share his secret to a "happy life."

A raven is not a crow! It's classification places it in the "crow family" but tomatoes are placed in the fruit family but we use them as vegetables. Ravens and crows are very different. Size and certain physical features to be sure but more importantly it's how they live and raise their family and where they live that makes them so unique.

Follow Raven Rick as he and his wife traverse across the western United States sharing some of their favorite places to watch these amazing birds in their natural habitats. See and hear the ravens in the beauty of Bryce, The Grand Canyon, The Pacific Northwest, Catalina Island, all throughout Southern California's mountains, deserts, parks and more.

The Raven Diaries DVD's.
This is a 2 disk set of the 3 short films from above;
Raven Diaries 1 "Backyard Beginnings" - A 28 min short about how we got involved with these birds in the first place.
Raven Diaries 2 "Ravens vs. Crows" - A 55 minute short to specifically answer the question, "How do you tell a raven from a crow?"
Raven Diaries 3 "Hunting Ravens" - A 28 minute short on where to watch ravens play.

Rick's first year video taping the ravens. Crystal Cove State Park is California's most unique in many ways including the numerous raven families that raise their young year after year. Meet Harold and Maude, and the challenges they had both feeding and bringing up three of their kids; Edgar, Allan and Poe in amongst the coyotes, bobcats, hawks and other natural enemies.

Rick second year with the birds he calls Harold & Maude. Now they've become his most trusted guide to their area of the park and Rick is convinced, nobody knows their territory like a raven.

Rick's third year just may he best year ever? It's a record year at Crystal Cove's California State Park as Harold & Maude have six healthy baby ravens. The highs and lows of life at the park run the gauntlet as some unknown something is killing off everything. Birds, fish even the large marine mammals are dying off in record numbers. A magnificent brood but how many can make it to adulthood?

The Raven Diaries 4 "The Crystal Cove Project" all 3 on DVD.
This is a 2 disk set and is a video log documenting the relationships of 3 families of ravens at Crystal Cove, a California State Park. Here they highlight the raising of the young and the unique differences and challenges each and every year brings.
Disk 1 includes Year 1 - "Edgar Alan & Poe" &
Year 2 - "Harold & Maude"
Disk 2 is Rick's "Year 3" with the birds called "Raven Ricks' Deadly Adventure"



Bob, Huey & Me
This is the true story of a baby raven Rick & Diana raised to be wild. You'll learn how he took over the entire neighborhood, letting the dogs out and stealing their food, filling his beak with fries and teasing the crows. The book goes into more detail of Rick's relationship with both God and the bird than the movie version. Rick says, "it's a living preview of God's amazing promise for our future life here on earth."


"Bob, Huey & Me" The 10th Anniversary Edition
A 10th Anniversary Edition of the book expands the story content and includes over 200 pictures and newly added short stories from Rick's trips where he's met numerous ravens at the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Catalina Island and more.
This book presents life not only as God designed but that we can have a meaningful relationship with Him!


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